Meet Our Talented Instructors

Alice Leggett: Oils & Acrylic


Alice is an award winning artist whose work has been displayed all over Orange County. She specializes in portraiture, though teaches all subject matter. 

Learn about her color mixing system, plus train your eyes to see shapes, values and edges - and have fun painting!  

Call 714-356-6077 for more info.

Teri Gammalo: Watercolor


Teri works in all mediums from drawing, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastels.  

She has a loose expressive approach to watercolor while making it fun and exciting. 

Your artistic spirit will be energized. Explore new watercolor techniques while improving composition and developing your own style. 

Teri has won many awards...including  

National Watercolor Society Awards.

She is also a juried member of Watercolor West.

Call  714-488-2421  for more info.

Pati Kent: Drawing & Painting


Pati is an Artist/Illustrator who has been teaching drawing and painting for 20 years. 

 She believes that everyone has various gifts that just need to be sharpened. 

Her classes are for the passionate student who would like to improve their skills while learning in a supportive environment. She is known to discover talent in her younger students and has encouraged them to move forward in the arts and shares insight on preparation of portfolios.  

Call 714-307-6607

Joyce Casey: Fused Glass & Mosaic


Joyce has been working with fused glass and mosaic art since  2005.  She uses many techniques including glass fusing, glass painting, inclusions, recycled glass, and more.  Learn tool safety, glass cutting, fusing, kiln firing programs and more.  

Her approach to glass is "Let's Try It" so if you have ever wondered how to make beautiful fused glass or mosaics, these classes are for you.

Contact her at 714-757-9336

Ross Anna: Sewing


Sewing is fun and easy once you know how! Ross Anna has a long history in fashion design and the garment industry. From draping, pattern design and fitting, she has taught all aspects of sewing and design.  

Group & Private Lessons for adults and kids, beginners as well as advanced sewing students are available.  Learn how to make unique and attractive clothes that are fitted exactly for you! Decorate your home with designer window treatments, pillows, throws, bedding, cushions and more! 

Contact her at 714-376-2648

Suzi White: Knitting


Do you have a knitting project that you are struggling with or a pattern you can't quite figure out?  Dropped a stitch or don't know which row you're on?

Suzi will help you get back on track and you may learn or thing or two while we're at it! 

Her classes are for experienced knitters. She also hosts a Social Knitting Session and occasionally teaches beginning knitting.  

Just ask.

Contact her at   949-235-4158